Carolina Zuber - This is my story

"Do you have everything you want in life, but you're still not happy?
Are you so tired but know that there must be more in life?
I've been there and I can show you the way out. "
My name is Carolina Mattsén, living with a partner, 3 children and dogs in Mönsterås, Småland.

I've been to the bottom, far down where everything feels like the blackest hole. Where the anxiety crawls so close that you think you'll be eated and never come back. I felt so unbelievably lonely and afraid, how would I survive. To get up in the morning, take the children to the kindergarten and school, hurry home after work and make sure everyone gets food on the table. The slightest whining and noise from the kids made me almost break up. 
From work I always heard that I was strong and my husband was very sick at this time ( he had heartproblems). I felt the pressure to be that strong wife, mother, colleague and relative. Outwardly, I was strong, I managed all the situations I faced and always managed to calm every situations. Problem? Yes, but I will solve that!

I got all the warning signals, but I didn´t listen. I did not have time, I did not have time! 
So when my husband died, I collapsed, the famous wall hit hard and ruthlessly. Periodically I was paralyzed, exhausted and sad. Bringing  the children to the daycare took all the my strength. I could not sleep even though I was so tired that I could faint, but I was so stressedl. I was really on the bottom and the way up was not obvious.
But something within me refused to be extinguished, a sense of there must be a reason with everything that I go through. I have always had the feeling that my life will not be 7-16 where every day is the same. And believe me it really has not been a straight way.

Why Do I mentoring Courage and Conscious Women?

I have always had the feeling that life is unlimited of possibilities; it is only ourselves that set the limits of how we want to live and what we can achieve. The law of attraction has always been part of my life and I have managed to manifest everything from my children to love, housing, work and money. I have always managed to turn my adversities into strength and something I can use to grow as a human being.
The sorrow after my husband passed away became a strength to help others. A reminder that life is about taking care of what we have, here and now. Instead of digging into trouble and why we can not live together now, I'm incredibly grateful for all the years we got together. Thankful for our two children we received and all the memories that I am very caring for. Becoming a widow at 29 years I see as a strength and am grateful for the reminder that I can handle a lot more than I could believe.
Just dare to believe in ourselves, step outside our comfort zone and clearly acting after the vision, life is full of possibilities. I can help you to reach your full potential.

How can I help and support you?

All of the experiences I've had so far in my life, I use now when I mentoring, guide and lecture.
My experiences and the trips I've made make me understand you. I can embrace the feelings you feel and how you feel. Because I've been there. You can not read these experiences, the understanding, the huge feelings you get through in life.
To share my experiences to help others struggling to make everyday life come together. Who feels that life must be more than stressing, working, cleaning and feeling endured is absolutely incredible.

In spite of all the horrible things we are going through, there is always something positive to look forward to. We can always choose how we look at adversities, sadness, disappointment ... I help you find the tools that suits you and help you live your best life. Because you're Worth It!

With love

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