Are you curious about meditation, the law of attraction and how you can easily start changing your life !?

  • Stress management / relaxation
  • Meditation, what is it? how do I do ? we meditate together
  • Vision boards, how do you do, how do they work? We make your own together.
  • Intuition, do you dare to trust it?
  • Finding your "compass" in life. What do I want? How do I find my wish and how do I start?
  • Self-esteem, how do I start to love and accept myself as I am?
  • The Law of Attraction, what is it and how do I get it to work for my benefit?

I come home to you and your friends and together we have a workshop. So be sure to meet your friends while taking the step to a more balanced and joyful life ❤.
You are worth it.

Send an email to Carolina, do not forget to enter Goddess workshop in the subject line
Cost 200sek / person.

The purpose is that you will have the opportunity to come closer to yourself and find your inner power!
In warm and good fellowship we meet and have what you can call "Caring for the soul" tonight.

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