Carolina Zuber  - Time to create your best life!
Get Inspired!

Do you want me to come to your city or country and lecture?! Warm welcome with a request and we will find a date.

An evening  full of thoughtful conversation about life and it´s possibilities. I tell you about my life, my experiences and how a managed to change my life.  
I´ll share my tools that has helped me when a became a depressed widdow, alone with two children, a house, bills and mortgages. How I totally changed how I saw my self and how i mowed my comfort zone to created the life I whant to live. 

My name is Carolina Zuber and I work as a Soul Coach, comfort zone remover, spiritual teacher and healer. I love helping brave, and conscious women to find their inner voice and to follow it. The world needs more women who dare to do their thing!

My goal is that you after the evening leave the hall with a lighter mind and fully aware of your endless possibilities.

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